Current Color Palette

Current Color Palette
The Theme for September is Kids. The Focus is Cut Outs..

New Member Guide

Each month we create a mega kit based on a common color palette and theme. We have a focus element each month, and often there is a tutorial on how to create it. Digital Scrapbook Place has generously given us a forum to ask questions and share information, and a gallery to post previews of our kits and layouts made with them. We also have a chat there every Saturday night at 10pm EST where we discuss the upcoming month, and answer any questions that participants may have.

SNL Chats are every Saturday Night from 10-11 PM EST.  Theme and color palettes are often decided at the second or third chat of the month. The 3rd Saturday of the month there will be a tutorial when available (volunteers always appreciated!). Attendance is not required but it's fun and informative so come if you can!

Choosing color schemes: Each month there will be a poll and we vote on a new color scheme for the following month. Everyone is welcome to send a color swatch for the poll which will be used as required.
Please send your color swatches to Kathy Ricker
.  She posts the color poll. 

Submission requirements and guidelines:
The minimum submission is 4 items.
The maximum number of elements is 8 in one file with an optional add-on of 4 items for a total of 12 items.
Save your elements at 200dpi and size for a 12"x12" layout.
Place all your elements in one folder and zip the folder.

Definition of items/elements:
A set of small elements such as ribbons, eyelets, brads and buttons is considered 1 item.
A complete element set such as backgrounds, wordart, alpha, quick click or plopper fulfills the requirement.
If there are any questions about minimum requirements, please ask.

You may use DSP brushes as part of a background as long as proper credit is given.
You may use free clip art if it is within the conditions in the terms of use.
You must include a TOU/copyright notice in your submission.

Naming your files:
Your DSP username_SNL##_element name
Example: Cheryl_SNL60_papergreen.jpg

Zipping your files: To zip files place all your elements and a tou inside a folder, then zip that folder.
This is automatically creates a folder containing your files in whatever folder the user unzips to.

Deadline: Upload by midnight EST on the last day of the month.

Giving Credit:
When using SNL items please credit with name of the SNL designer (membername), name of element and SNL#.
For example:Cheryl, background, SNL 60, ribbons SNL 50

SNL and DSP: 

Saturday Night Live (SNL) exists because of the resources of Digital Scrapbook Place. DSP has allowed us a forum and galleries to enjoy the creative process of digital design. With that in mind, please take time to re-read the DSP Terms of Use. In particular, item 1. For SNL, this means no preview images that use a professional name used to sell products at another commercial site, no advertising for products or classes at another site, including links in your Signature or Profile fields.

At the SNL Scrappers blog and 4shared account, please use the same respect for DSP. It is important not to use SNL as an advertising venue. Do not post images on the SNL blog, on our 4shared account or in your kit, that use a professional designer's name. Do not add links to a commercial site in your SNL kit or TOU (or to your blog, facebook or twitter, if you are advertising or promoting sales at a commercial site).

Feel free to ask how to do ANYTHING! We are happy to share our knowledge with you and if you learn something interesting, you can reciprocate and share it with us.