Current Color Palette

Current Color Palette
The Theme for September is Kids. The Focus is Cut Outs..

Re-Design Tutorial

This is a guide on how to upload images for the monthly blog re-design.  To see an image in a larger format, click on the image.

1.  Once you have logged into your Blogger account, you should see the SNL Scrappers blog on your dashboard.  Click 'Design'.

2.  The Design tab should default to the Page Elements tab.  In the Page Elements tab, click 'Edit' in the Header element.  This allows you to change the image that is used with the title.

3.  In the pop-up window that appears, click 'Remove image'.

4.  Once the old image is gone, select 'From your computer' and then click 'Browse'.  You can now pick an image from your computer.

Title/header image guidelines:

Dimensions = 890 width x 400 height (if the image is larger, you can click 'Shrink to fit')
Format = JPG, PNG or GIF (non-animated)
Size = 300 - 500 Kb (or the page will take too long to load)
Either include the blog title 'SNL Scrappers' on the title or leave space on upper left side of the image for the title and select 'Behind title and description' for the placement.

5.  You can also change the placement of the image, depending on whether there is text on the Title image or not.  Click 'Save' to complete the change and the pop-up window will close.

6.  Find the Site Designer Credits button under Add a Gadget.  Click 'Edit'.

7.  In the pop-up window, replace the current designer's name with the new designer's name.  Then click 'Save' to complete the change and the window will close.

8.  In the Design tab, click the 'Template Designer' tab.

9.  In the Template Designer, click 'Background'.

10.  In the Background tab, click the triangle next to the background image.

11.  A pop-up box will appear.  Click 'Upload image'.

12.  Click 'Browse' to select the background image from your computer.

Background image guidelines:

Dimensions = 1800 width x 1600 height (or smaller)
Size = 300 Kb (or less)
Format = JPG, PNG or GIF (non-animated)

13.  Optional.  Once the image is uploaded, select the triangle next to 'Alignment'.

14.  Optional.  Select one of the alignments for the image.  If you are using a full-size 1800 x 1600 image, then select the Center and Top alignment.

15.  Optional. If you image is very small, then click the triangle next to 'Tiling' (or 'Don't tile' in the screenshot).

16.  Optional.  Choose 'Tile' from the drop-down menu (or a different option depending on your image).

17.  Leave 'Scroll with Page' checked. (Uncheck 'Scroll with Page' if you want the background to stay in the same place when you scroll up and down the page)

18.  To change the color of the page, you can either click the triangle next to the Main Color Theme (option 1) or click one of the suggested color palettes (option 2).

19.  Optional.  If you select Option 1, then you can drag the slider or click in the box to change the color theme.

20.  Optional.  If you do not like the generic color theme options, then you can set the colors individually in the Advanced tab.  This is also where you would change the font for the text.

21.  When all your changes are complete, click 'Apply to Blog' to finalize the changes and make the changes show up on the blog.